The 3 World Leaders

The Video Series of the May 15th Prophecy is a set of 4 trilogies, the 2nd trilogy is  

 The 3 World Leaders


The May 15th Prophecy prophesied about Benjamin Netanyahu aka Bibi and what his role will be in these last days with 100% Accuracy, just like the prophecy have been correct about everybody else.


With 100% Accuracy, the May 15th Prophecy declared to you what happens on February 11thwould be no coincidence and right on cue, Pope Benedict RENOUNCE THE OFFICE TO THE VICAR OF CHRIST; sitting the stage for the 5th Pope of Fatima


Revealing with 100% Accuracy the “estate” the little horn a.k.a The Beast will rise from according to God’s Word the May 15th Prophecy yet again pointing it readers in the right direction while never giving false information to the TRUTH