515 Loupe 6-11-2020

The May 15th Prophecy Video warned you years ago THOSE WHO VOTED FOR THE ROTTEN ONE (HILLARY CLINTON) would have A HOLE IN THEIR SOUL


BEING FILLED WITH THE CUP OF SEDITION because ask yourself when was the last time (IF EVER) you saw one of these DEM’S ARE CRAP “leaders” kneel for a police officer, a fallen soldier or first responders? BUT THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM KNEELING FOR LAW BREAKING AND PROMOTING VIOLENCE because Zod= SATAN is THEIR MASTER!


THEIR RESISTANCE WILL BE FOOLISH, FAITHLESS, HEARTLESS and RUTHLESS just as the May 15th Prophecy Video told you would occur, therefore revisit the video and see what happens next with 100% Accuracy