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Why isn’t Biden speaking out against what Trudeau is doing? 


When BLM and Antifa were protesting/rioting you didn’t freeze or take away their bank account  even while there was obvious burning and looting and stealing and killing 





515 Loupe 3-30-2019

M15P4LDW appended below is my Medium Site 10-year re-post (now 12 years) which shows how 100% Accurate the May 15th Prophecy has always been

Therefore understand this was written in the days when the “success of the surge” was being forced down your throat,

Well before Hezbollah takeover of Lebanon,

Well before anyone ever heard of an Arab Spring 

Well before the civil war in Syria  


2007 The Fall of Lebanon, The Lie and The Spirit of Iniquity


LastDayWatchers I’ve declared unto you, the leaders of Jacob and his descendant and the so-called moderate Muslim leaders would lie at every turn See 

Their knee jerk reaction to everything will be to lie to you about the influence and achievements of the Ummah that is being led by the Spirit of Iniquity, because of that how the beast gets them into bed with him.

Here is just a small example of that knee jerk lying to try to cover up the truth

Lebanon: Fatah al-Islam defeated, the military operation is over

Lebanon’s defense minister said Thursday that Islamic militants holed up in a north Lebanon refugee camp have been defeated and that the month-long military operation is over, except for mopping up.

“The Lebanese army has crushed those terrorists,” Defense Minister Elias Murr said in a television interview late Thursday.

The Lebanese Army has not only not “crushed” the small little band of bank robbery (which is really the ummah), but now it begins to spread, Check out the truth

Lebanon seeks help to stem violence

Ghazi al-Aridi, the information minister, told reporters after the meeting that Lebanon needed international support to prevent the country from imploding.

“We call on all the international community to help Lebanon because it is not permissible for Lebanon to be left alone,” he said.”

“The collapse of this situation in Lebanon will lead to a collapse of the situation in all states in the region.”

As you can see from the two media sources the Lebanese army can’t even stop a “small band of bandits”, how do you go from “crushing” the terrorist one day then pleading for help the next?

The answer is the Spirit of Iniquity is at work through the Ummah and it is indeed spreading

The Lebanese public was concerned about the Unifil attack, Amin said “If the attack was indeed the work of al-Qaeda inspired militants, are the targets going to be confined to Unifil or will there be civilian targets as well? Will the attacks be in the south or will they extend to the capital?”

The May 15th Prophecy told you that Lebanon will fall? (although it wasn’t me that declared it, God Word has declared it), It hasn’t happened yet, but it will.

Thus saith the Word of God and witness to by the Stars and The Great Pyramid of Giza.

Lebanon will be the second of the 3 ribs (Iraq is the 1st) in the mouth of the bear (Iran).

It will be the 2nd horn of the 3 horn to be uprooted and fulfill the prophecy in Daniel of the 10 toes and 10 horns kingdoms.

[see: post 6/11 The Beast the 10 toes and 10 horns]

The May 15th Prophecy declared unto you Iran (the bear); from its “up among them” bear position who had three ribs in his mouth; would send usurpers to those 3 nations (ribs), which it is allotted to uproot (Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria).

It declared to you who are the 10 toes and the 10 horns.

The May 15th Prophecy also explain to you that the Ummah has been taken over by the Spirit of Iniquity (none other than the Son of Satan)

[see: archive 5/30 The Ummah and The Shadows of The Uprooting]

The Hidden Imam shall return under this spirit.

LastDayWatchers understand that the Hidden Imam is a Shia doctrine and the Shia has always been regulated in the Muslim world as 2nd class citizens.

Iran is not only Shia but also Persian in nationality (not Arab), with that being the case; has always been able to be isolated by its Sunni Arab neighbors until now.

The Spirit of Iniquity has uplifted not just the Shia but the Sunni who promote its evil doctrine.

Here is an example of how the Spirit of Iniquity uses facilitators to extend beyond a Shia messiah claim, but also a call to the Sunni

From CNN new article Accused Asian terror leader: “Expect more blood”

POSTED: 12:38 a.m. EDT, June 26, 2007

Abu Dujana said bin Laden was well respected then and helped him and others realize that it was permissible to kill people to defend Islam.”

I didn’t read it in the Koran. It’s based on the teachings of our teachers, clerics, especially what Osama bin Laden first said,” Abu Dujana said of the tactics.”

“Because of America’s arrogance, many in the Muslim world know, believe, it’s permissible to kill American soldiers. It’s halal; it’s permitted.”

It is the Spirit of Iniquity that continue to uplift the Ummah and reduce the “moderate Sunni Muslim”.

It doesn’t matter that the Sunni outnumber the Shia 10 time over or the fact that they have the backing and help of the United States, they will not be able to stop the influence that is emitting out of Iran, which is the Spirit of Iniquity by the Son of Satan.

It is that same spirit that made Alexander the Great a God to the point that even to this day he is considered the Greatest of all conquerors, shall also make the Hidden Imam even Greater which will fulfill the word of God

I saw one of his heads as it was wounded to death, and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast

Revelation 13:3

LastDayWatchers know that the secret power of evil is already working in the world, but there is one who is stopping that power. And he will continue to stop it until he is taken out of the way.

Until we blog again keep watching “for the spirit of iniquity is already at work”

Posted 25th June 2007 by Leon Davis

515 Loupe 3-29-2019


The true measure of any world leader is not what one thinks of himself/herself but rather is what others think of them particularly those who are being led,  with that being said here are a few bullet points from those who were led  


  • Obama’s legacy. Eight bleak and dismal years of never attaining meaningful economic growth, while increasing dependency at home on welfare and food stamps, amid stagnant employment and dead wages especially adversely impacting unemployment in the Black and Hispanic communities.


  • Obama’s legacy. Watching Russia seize the Crimea and expand her influence throughout the globe while Obama defaulted on America’s promise to station a defensive missile shield in the Czech Republic and Poland.


  • Obama’s legacy. Feeble and impotent in the face of a rising ISIS and their decapitations and other barbaric depravities, later messing up in Benghazi after mishandling Khaddafi in greater Libya, even as he failed to support the Green movement in Iran that desperately challenged the mullahs. 


  • Obama’s legacy. Emptying Gitmo by releasing proven terrorists who would proceed to murder again all in return for Bo Bergdahl, whom only Obama’s moronic national security advisor could say had served with “distinction and honor.”


  • Obama’s legacy. Presiding over the incineration of cities like Ferguson and Baltimore while igniting racial tensions and divisions across the country from Michael Brown (the “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” lie) to Freddie Gray (all officers acquitted) to Trayvon Martin (would have looked like his son).


  •  Obama’s legacy. Bonding with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt that overthrew our ally Hosni Mubarak, tango’ing with new terrorist friends in Castro Cuba and Hugo Chavez Venezuela, all while distancing from many of America’s closest allies including Great Britain and Israel.


  • Obama’s legacy. Allowing China to expand her geographic dominance in the Pacific even as she continued stealing our intellectual property with impunity and went about hacking our government computer files to obtain private data on thousands of American citizens. 


  • Obama’s legacy.  The coarsening of American culture, bringing the likes of an Al Sharpton into the White House more than seventy times, depriving falsely accused college students of fundamental constitutional protections, allowing the IRS to be weaponized to destroy political opponents, allowing the immigration system to collapse on the southern border while permitting Sanctuary Cities to arise and entrench.  Obama’s legacy.


  • Obama’s legacy. Never calling “Islamic terror” by its name but instead characterizing it as “workplace violence” and responding to the Charlie Hebdo massacre by failing to appear at the international memorial with all other world leaders but instead having John Kerry fly to France later with James Taylor on his bicycle to sing “You’ve Got a Friend.” 


  • Obama’s legacy. The Iran Deal, a plane loaded with $150 billion cash to the Mullahs.


  • Obama’s legacy. Forcing Catholic and other objecting religious institutions to provide birth control for their employees.


  • Obama’s legacy. Shovel ready jobs, not so shovel ready the California high-speed rail to nowhere, Solyndra.



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