515 Loupe 3-15-2021

March 13 2021 May15thProphecy 4 LastDayWatchers you already  know the world is being primed with lies and deceit with fear 


By which the ShadowBanMan thrive with censorship of THE TRUTH of those who speak THE TRUTH therefore at Twitter they thrive


Pastor Melisa Scott pinned a tweet of a message she gave at the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year (notice the date March 16th 2020) and here is the message below

Twitter showing they will censor anyone who speak the truth and don’t buy into THE FEAR so now this 


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515 Loupe 11-23-2018

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515 Loupe 09-24-2018

M15P4LDW look and you will see how the Shadow Ban Man work


(James Woods said) The irony is, Twitter accused me of affecting the political process, when in fact, their banning of me is the truly egregious interference


Woods also blasted Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey as “a coward” there is no free speech for Conservatives on Twitter, this is about an American being silenced … one tweet at a time.

Also, see the Dealmaker making deals 


The big part of this trade deal are many but 2 points stand out –

#1. The U.S. Car Safety Standard is now put in place 

#2. The U.S. farmers will now have a new Open Market to sell their farm products  

Therefore see what happens next with 100% Accuracy at


515 Loupe 09-15-2018

Here is another example of how the Shadow Ban Man works 

This video by Tiana Elisara where she does a great job of explaining the Nike Kapernick social scam, notice today (9-15-18) there are 0 comments 

SBM2  Even tho I shared and commented on it aplenty back on Sept 8th 


You talk about the left? then prepare yourself for the Shadow Ban Man


You’re bound to lose control when the Shadow Man starts to Ban

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