515 Loupe 10-23-2020

These are historic days, of profound change in our region.


Days in which decades of hope, and many years of stubborn diplomatic and political effort, are drained into one written document submitted today for our approval

Changing the narrative war


10-23-2020 Sudan now the 3rd Arab nation to normalize tie with Israel 


It is a new world, we are cooperating with everyone, building a better future for all of us

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Israel, Peace and the Middle East   




515 Loupe 10-7-2020

THE ROTTEN ONE careless email action that led to the death of U.S personnel,


Email actions to hide the Clinton Foundation fraudulent activities, (33, 000 acid washed) to the greatest political scam in U.S history


Revisit this May 15th Prophecy post and see HOW ROTTEN HILLARY CLINTON TRULY IS



515 Loupe 7-29-2020

M15P4LDW you already know what the May 15th Prophecy wrote on the day Obama was inaugurated as President of The United States, it told you to read the 5th chapter of Amos as it would describe the character of his administration which would be that of corruption, bribes and subverting justice, that was back in 2009, now in 2020 I hope you see how 100% Accurate GOD WORD IS, therefore revisit this 9th Exhibit and The Obama Administration In Prophecy