515 Loupe 3-4-2020

GOD’S MESSAGE to the new zombies, do you not know what The Lord Of Host has proclaimed? and that it is A PERPETUAL SEAL?  


Therefore, see what the May 15th Prophecy 3rd Scroll Video has already proclaimed regarding God’s Word and you will see what happen next with 100% Accuracy!


In the meantime and between time, lets Break It Down  



 It looks like the Democrats who aren’t comfortable with Sanders coalescing behind the one remaining candidate who seems best poised to beat him. Biden isn’t winning because he’s got some secret winning sauce. He simply seems to have consolidated THE NEVER-SANDERS VOTE.


This Bernie Bro dog-pile tactic has been effective at silencing some online criticism of Sanders and his campaign, but as the results from Super Tuesday suggest, it’s not nearly as effective in bringing more people on board the Sanders train. 


Therefore the revolution will not be televised, because if you can’t grow the base you have no dynamite as this Snapshot post warned you that 2016 voting stakes no longer work on 2020 zombies because they have mutated therefore you need DYNAMITE!   


This video shows some of how these Dem’s Are Crap Zombies will break every rule, forge every document and commit all manner of vile abuses  

Unlike the weak and crazy Bernie, PRESIDENT TRUMP has plenty of TNT  




Therefore the base of the movement continues to grow


Declaring with ONE VOICE what God’s Word has already proclaimed which you will see more and more 


Therefore revisit the May 15th Prophecy 3rd Scroll Video