515 Loupe 7-16-2020

M15P4LDW was the May 15th Prophecy Video correct about the STRANGE SPIRITS which would be followed by THE DEMONS OF DISCORD? on those who voted for THE ROTTEN ONE (Hillary Clinton)?


And what about the warning of the rise of IDENTITY POLITICS with MARXISM

911 10

Which are really forms of hatred fanned by THE DEVIL


Therefore ask yourself, HOW STRANGE is it that THE CANCEL CULTURE PARTY which hates old white men are forced to be led by an OLD WHITE MAN


Therefore see what happens next with 100% Accuracy at May 15th Prophecy  


515 Loupe 6-11-2020

The May 15th Prophecy Video warned you years ago THOSE WHO VOTED FOR THE ROTTEN ONE (HILLARY CLINTON) would have A HOLE IN THEIR SOUL


BEING FILLED WITH THE CUP OF SEDITION because ask yourself when was the last time (IF EVER) you saw one of these DEM’S ARE CRAP “leaders” kneel for a police officer, a fallen soldier or first responders? BUT THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM KNEELING FOR LAW BREAKING AND PROMOTING VIOLENCE because Zod= SATAN is THEIR MASTER!


THEIR RESISTANCE WILL BE FOOLISH, FAITHLESS, HEARTLESS and RUTHLESS just as the May 15th Prophecy Video told you would occur, therefore revisit the video and see what happens next with 100% Accuracy    

515 Loupe 1-10-2020

Take note of the DEM’S ARE CRAP hypocrisy


When Obama killed bin Laden, al-Awlaki and Gaddafi, without Congressional approval, there were NO imminent attacks” and Democrats did not ask or care.


Since liberals falsely claim Soleimani was not a threat to the US, I still don’t know exactly how Muammar Gaddafi was a threat to the US & why Obama killed him!


Former vice president Joe Biden has said that in holding up vital military assistance to Ukraine, President Trump “used the power and resources of the United States to pressure a sovereign nation, a partner that is still under direct assault from Russia, to subvert the rule of law in the express hope of extracting a political favor.” (see the video of Biden doing just that)


Both Warren and Sanders have made class-warfare rhetoric the centerpiece of their presidential campaigns. Each has proposed new taxes on wealth, not income. They frequently state that the rich are wealthy because of what they’ve taken away from the middle and lower classes = both of these leading class-warfare candidates for the 2020 Democrat presidential nomination are in the dreaded 1 Percent.


Just as the May 15th Prophecy has proclaimed with 100% Accuracy!