515 Loupe 06-12-2018


Not a picture but a video as History Is Written 

And you will see a Big Beautiful Difference in the Trump Administration results compared to his predecessor, indeed look at the pictures from Obama Legacy


And you will see that God has called for a righteous course correction, therefore The Dealmaker is making deals


Trump was leading Kim from a step ahead, but not in a forceful way, he was a step ahead when walking with Kim and constantly turned toward Kim to ask for his opinion


Because of the naysayers


Are going to naysay, therefore see what happens next with 100% Accuracy at M15P4LDW.

515 Loupe 05-29-2018

Only a year and a half in add The USS Manchester as President Trump is continuing to build up the military with the BEST EQUIPMENT 




The enemies of America look at the U.S. a lot different than they did  2 years ago because there is a BIG BEAUTIFUL DIFFERENCE 

Therefore see what happen next with 100% Accuracy at https://may15thprophecy4lastdaywatchers.wordpress.com/