515 Loupe 3/1/2022

M15P4LDW I’ll keep this short and sweet, many people are concerned and even worried about the difficult events that have been occurring in the United States, and around the world like Ukraine.


Therefore know the mainstream media in the US is in full war propaganda mode, everything they say is full of lies and deceit 


Therefore, because of the disgusting propaganda of the legacy media it is refreshing to hear HONEST REPORTING I recommend all view this!

Because people of all political perspectives and religious viewpoints are not sure what is coming next?


(except for you because God has given it for you to know,so let me give you some 100% Accuracy regarding Ukraine)


The Russian army in Ukraine is grabbing more territory every day, and will destroy the Ukrainian resistance and over time mitigate the foreign interference against it, largely because everything the Nowhere Man (Joe Biden) touch will become a disaster WATCH & SEE


Now for an even more robust (100%) understanding and background to the Russia/Ukraine war WATCH THIS (special note this was published in 2016)

515 Loupe 9-25-2020


Watch RSBN and The Platinum Plan for the Black community (and for all Americans) where the Georgia crowd went crazy with FILL THAT SEAT, then on to Virginia

Vice President Mike Pence said regarding taxes “WE WILL CUT FO MO” years


Just as the May 15th Prophecy said he would with 100% Accuracy!


Also, see https://may15thprophecy4lastdaywatchers.com/