515 Loupe 1/15/2022

It’s was 5:15 1/15/2022 when I took this shot while watching RSBN on RUMBLE and GETTR


This is the first livestream rally where Big Tech is being subverted and the larger rebel alliance is using Rumble video livestreams exclusively.  Yep, “let’s get ready to Rumble”


While I was on LinkedIn one of my contacts ask me what will history show regarding my support of Trump/MAGA? here are a few of my answers


Regarding President Trump, history will show the things contained in this Snapshot see 



History will show after Obama funded ISIS reign of terror with pallets of cash and airdropping of weapons President Trump brought more Peace to the Middle East than any president in our lifetime see



 History will show that in spite of being a peacemaker don’t tell that to the terrorist because they found out he also rebuilt the military with the best equipment after Obama degraded it


May 15th Prophecy

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