515 Loupe 11-27-2019


M15P4LDW understand this about The Iranian Moment


 Iran’s supreme leader on Wednesday claimed without evidence that recent protests across the Islamic Republic over government-set gasoline prices rising were part of a “conspiracy”


Starting Nov. 16, Iran shut down the internet across the country, limiting communications with the outside world. That made determining the scale and longevity of the protests incredibly difficult. While home and office internet has been restored, access on mobile phones remains rare.


With the Internet access almost entirely cut off in attempts to conceal the “scope of the uprising and the scale of it brutality”, some 61 people have been reported dead in 10 cities, but the NCRI said it expects the actual number to be much higher, because most of the 61 deaths were recorded when the protests broke out on November 16, but those who have been killed since have not been recorded.


Angry protestors in their thousands took to the streets, abandoning vehicles on motorways and blocking roads.


Khamenei ordered the Revolutionary Guards and other suppressive forces to open fire on the demonstrations in different cities.


Reports have come in of armed forced shooting indiscriminately at protestors in attempts to disperse crowds and gain access to streets.


All active duty members of the Revolutionary Guard have been recalled from annual leave and dispatched to protest scenes.


Protesters torched the Iranian consulate in the holy city of Najaf late on Wednesday. The demonstrators removed the Iranian flag from the building and replaced it with an Iraqi one. 


The incident marked an escalation in the demonstrations that have raged in Baghdad and across the mostly Shiite southern Iraq since the start of October.

The protesters accuse the Shiite-led government of being hopelessly corrupt and complain of poor public services and high unemployment. They are also decrying growing Iranian influence in Iraqi state affairs. 


At least 350 people have been killed and thousands wounded in what has become the largest grass-roots protest movement in Iraq’s modern history.


Protesters are occupying three key bridges in central Baghdad, Jumhuriya, Ahrar and Sinar in a stand-off with security forces. On Wednesday, they also burned tyres on Ahrar Bridge to block security forces from accessing the area.


Hong Kong, Chile, Iraq, Lebanon: protests erupt around the world

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