515 Loupe 10-7-2019


Trump’s Triumph? America Finally Leaves Syria.

ISIS is opposed by every government and most every movement in the Mideast. The United States helped break the radical group at its height. Today Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and the Gulf States, all of which have been threatened by the organization, can deal with the much-reduced danger today. Instead of infantilizing Arab nations, the United States expect them to take on adult responsibilities.


After President George W. Bush transformed America’s mission into nation-building’ and now after three administrations and more than eighteen years the civil war has yet to be won. And virtually no one believes that it can be won, at least not at a reasonable cost, though most officials refuse to admit the truth to the public. American military personnel continue to die to spare successive presidents the embarrassment of acknowledging failure on their watch.


The faithfuls within the America public no longer trust in the words of so-called “foreign policy experts” knowing that they serve only the interest of MIC (Military Industrial Complex), however they do TRUST IN GOD and THE ONE appointed by him, therefore GOD’S PEOPLE TRUST TRUMP


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