515 Loupe 6-21-2019

M15P4LDW continue to fear God which brings wisdom, therefore know and understand 


A U.S. military strike on Iran might have been averted for now, but Iran’s deteriorating economic circumstances cannot likely be reversed absent an accommodation of the United States.


In this context, for Trump, the best option is not to respond militarily to Iranian acts of aggression and sabotage, but to use them to build more robust international support.


All the while keeping the door of diplomacy open. While the deteriorating Iranian economy probably won’t make the regime implode, Iranian popular pressure will grow on Khamenei to justify his opposition to negotiations, and will increasingly expose him as the obstacle that stands between Iranians and a better future.


Tehran already shows signs of frustration with Khamenei’s intransigence, including President Hassan Rouhani’s recent admission that he has no authority over Iran’s foreign affairs.


If Tehran is willing to subject its population to economic hardship and use the entirety of its energy wealth to promulgate an antiquated ideology that advocates “Death to America” rather than “Prosperity for Iranians,” the United States has the limited ability using either engagement or coercion to dissuade it.


Therefore see what happen next with 100% Accuracy 


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