515 Loupe 6-10-2019

M15P4LDW, the world is filled with FAKE NEWS blowing up their timeline, stream, and feeds your site, is filled with links of REAL NEWS


See: Trump’s America: No Country for Illegal Aliens 


The Mexican government on Wednesday arrested 350 Central Americans, including two prominent “migrant rights” activists, who were part of a large group headed toward the United States. Mexico is also planning to deploy an additional 6,000 national guard troops to its border with Guatemala.


Do not underestimate the power of a few dozen multinational banks and corporations calling Lopez-Obrador and his ministers demanding assurances; concrete assurances; of their follow-through. This puts massive pressure on Mexico to comply with the agreement.


This time it’s business, a high-stakes multi-billion business issue with multiple downstream consequences. That’s the difference with business-centric President Trump in the White House; he is not a politician.



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