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Trump Declares USMCA $1.2T Deal Biggest in U.S. History


United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Text

Table of Contents

A.        United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Text – Chapters

0.         Preamble

1.         Initial Provisions and General Definitions

2.         National Treatment and Market Access for Goods


3.         Agriculture

4.         Rules of Origin, with Product Specific Rules

5.         Origin Procedures

6.         Textiles and Apparel

7.         Customs and Trade Facilitation

8.         Recognition of the Mexican State’s Direct, Inalienable, and Imprescriptible Ownership of Hydrocarbons

9.         Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures

10.       Trade Remedies

11.       Technical Barriers to Trade

12.       Sectoral Annexes

13.       Government Procurement

14.       Investment

15.       Cross-Border Trade in Services

16.       Temporary Entry

17.       Financial Services   

18.       Telecommunications

19.       Digital Trade

20.       Intellectual Property

21.       Competition Policy

22.       State-Owned Enterprises

23.       Labor

24.       Environment

25.       Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

26.       Competitiveness

27.       Anticorruption

28.       Good Regulatory Practices

29.       Publication and Administration

30.       Administrative and Institutional Provisions

31.       Dispute Settlement

32.       Exceptions and General Provisions

33.       Macroeconomic Policies and Exchange Rate Matters

34.       Final Provisions


B. Agreement Annexes


C. Side Letters

1. United States-Mexico Side Letter on Distinctive Products

2. United States-Mexico Side Letter on Auto Safety Standards

3. United States-Mexico Side Letter on Biologics

4. United States-Mexico Side Letter on Prior Users

5. United States-Mexico Side Letter on Cheese Names

6. United States-Canada Side Letter on Wine

7. United States-Canada Side Letter on Water

8. United States-Canada Side Letter on Guidelines for Research and Development Expenditures, 2004

9. US Canada 232 Side Letter

10. US Mexico 232 Side Letter

11. US-Canada 232 Process Side Letter

12. US-Mexico 232 Process Side Letter

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