515 Loupe 08-21-2018

This video is only 2 minutes long but in that short time, it reveals how diabolical and corrupt so-called sanctuary cities are, just as the May 15th Prophecy Video has proclaimed 100% Accuracy!

also, see https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/klA3ZB

And this story is more confirmation which sadly displays the inevitable results of the diabolical and corrupt environment created by unfaithful politicians who do not put their citizens 1st, because they rather champion for illegal criminals 

2 Mollie Tibbetts’s Alleged Killer Identified as Christian Rivera, in the U.S. Illegally

You now see a mayor literally dancing to have illegals criminals roam their street to kill, rob, and rape innocent citizens


 Did not the May 15th Prophecy tell how diabolical they are?, unfortunately, these are just 2 examples of thousands I could provide of how stupid (DIABOLICAL) the policies and those who practice them are tools of the Devil (you know it ain’t from God), therefore see what happen next with 100% Accuracy!


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