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Carla Provost (born c. 1970) is an American government official who currently serves as the Chief of the United States Border Patrol, since August 9, 2018, she is the first female chief for the Border Patrol, previously, from April 2017 until her promotion in August 2018, Provost served as the acting Chief of Border Patrol, Provost was previously Deputy Assistant Commissioner, she is the first woman to head the USBP.


Carla Provost, who has been serving as acting chief of the Border Patrol, will take over as leader of the agency on a permanent basis, Customs and Border Protection announced Thursday.

Ms. Provost, who was appointed the acting chief of the Border Patrol last year, will become the first woman to lead the Border Patrol in its 94-year history.

Kevin K. McAleenan, the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, made the announcement during a morning ceremony at the agency’s headquarters.

Mr. McAleenan called the appointment historic and praised Ms. Provost as an “agent’s agent” who had earned the respect of agency personnel from Border Patrol agents to the top leadership.

The promotion comes as no surprise since Ms. Provost has been leading the Border Patrol for over a year. But her choice as a chief of the border agency is a significant milestone for women there.

Currently, women in the Border Patrol make up only about 5 percent of the agents, one of the lowest proportions among federal law enforcement agencies. In an interview, she said the agency is actively trying to recruit more women.

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