515 Loupe 02-26-2018

Scot Peterson, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school resource officer who hid behind a stairwell as gunman Nickolas Cruz committed a massacre inside the school, has been lambasted for his extreme cowardice and failure to fulfill his sworn duty to protect the school’s students.


And rightly so. While the left has used this shooting as an opportunity to blast the NRA and call for more gun control, conservatives have rightly pointed to the inaction by law enforcement rather than the inanimate guns which were used by Cruz as a force for evil but should have been employed by Peterson to save lives.

Scot Peterson — named school resource officer of the year for Parkland in 2014 — was in another building, dealing with a student issue when the shots sounded. Armed with his sidearm, Peterson ran to the west side of Building 12 and set up in a defensive position, then did nothing for four minutes until the gunfire stopped.


I don’t understand how any police officer in any department would not risk their lives in a situation like this you have an active shooter, you have kids screaming, getting mowed down.

Therefore see what happen next with 100% Accuracy at M15P2LDW 


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