515 Loupe 02-22-2018

  • The Dealmaker  – Appointed 2 do exploits, 2 fight 4 the righteousness of my people (TSTLOH)
  • Pictures of Strange Spirits – May 15th Prophecy warned you those voted 4 THE ROTTEN ONE will have A HOLE IN THEIR SOUL this is what it looks like.
  • Recommended Video’s – Video’s recommended for you to watch awarded by the May 15th Prophecy and 515 LOUPE
  • Ancients & Elders – Listening 2 the words & wisdom of our elders is what this collection all about
  • FAKE NEWS & THE MEDIA – Satan lies & deceit via the media who R tools of the devil promoting FAKE NEWS 
  • The Paradigm Shift – Things related to the major changes (good & bad) that are occurring in our times
  • 515 Loupe Info – Info on Tap inside the 515 Loupe to see more closely
  • Remembering – Remembering the brave soldiers who died in battle for USA and Britain and others
  • POTUS Cabinet & Advisers – Trump Cabinet/Advisors elected to do great work for the people with leadership & cutting edge ideas
  • FAKE NEWS & THE MEDIA – Satan lies & deceit via the media who R tools of the devil promoting FAKE NEWS
  • Contrasting Seeing differences in the same/similar events, people, places, things or ideas
  • Direct 2 the People – Going direct 2 the people is such a good thing, President & other important people going straight to the masses 


  • See What’s Up – Inside the May 15th Prophecy Collection everything space related to stars, distant planets, space launches, discoveries
  • The Iranian Moment – Just as the May 15th Prophecy Video said with 100% Accuracy go see the video for yourself 
  • Special Day(s) – Days the May 15th Prophecy would like to say a special THANK YOU for

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