515 Loupe 02-13-2018


This teaching on the Resurrection is a transcript of Dr. Gene Scott as he preached it live from the Los Angeles University Cathedral.

by Dr. w. euGENE SCOTT (Ph.D., Stanford University)
Preached at the Los Angeles University Cathedral

Copyright © 2009 Pastor Melissa Scott. Dr. Gene Scott ® is a registered trademark name. Pastor and Melissa Scott ® is a registered trademark name. W. euGene Scott Ph.D ® is a registered trademark name. All rights reserved.

I lost my faith, in college. I lost it because of a subtle psychological pressure, it was all right to believe in Jesus as a “good and wise” teacher, and elevate Him on an equal plane

With Mohammed, who founded the Islamic faith, with Gautama Buddha, who was a prince of India and founded Buddhism, with Confucius of China (more of a political philosopher, really) whose sayings affect so much of that portion of the world – in short, with any respectable founder of a religion.


I could put Jesus in that category, dispense with Him as a “good and wise teacher,” be accepted and get my intellectual wings. But to hold to the belief that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, and thus super-natural was simply not acceptable. Parenthetically, I might comment that there is a current hour-long advertisement on television for tape sales, telling you the origin of all religions. READ MORE

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