515 Loupe 02-09-2018

Trump Keeps Winning


President Donald Trump walks away from a turbulent week with a major political victory in the form of a massive deal that raises military and domestic spending caps by $300 billion, giving both parties many items that they have been looking for, and raising the debt ceiling until March 2019.


Getting this bill done is a huge step for President Trump, he can claim to have achieved bipartisan support around the budget, an issue that has tied up Washington for years, and now Democrats enter into the final round of the legislative negotiations this month over immigration with almost no leverage at all.


This Bill will weaken his opposition, Democrats may have to settle for the reinstatement of DACA in exchange for giving right-wing, hard-line Republicans almost everything else they want, even if some conservatives say no to DACA, the budget bill shows how Trump can build a coalition without them.


A trifecta of legislative victories, tax cut, the budget deal and potentially an immigration deal would give President Trump a set of big talking points as he starts to get ready for 2020, it is striking evidence that Trump is on much stronger ground on how to achieve victories that leave his opponents kicking and screaming without having much else they can do to stop him.

Just as the May 15th Prophecy told you would occur with 100% Accuracy, therefore see what happens next https://youtu.be/FxG89qldxLo 

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