515 Loupe 12-27-2017

LastDayWatchers know and understand this is what identity politics will get you, Sunni community so devastated by their recent history


Recalling the 2013 protests against the Shiite rule in Baghdad, Sunni tribal leader Najih al-Mizan from Samarra asks rhetorically: “What did that lead to other than me, as a Sunni, losing my house, my family is in a camp, my youngest probably died of dehydration or diarrhea, and my siblings killed in bombings? Now I’ve got no home, no city, no running water, no electricity … and winter is coming, literally.” he goes on to say “One thing that you don’t hear when you are speaking with average Iraqis is sectarianism, only people that talk about it are politicians, and I hope they realize that, should they try that in the upcoming elections, they are going to suffer greatly, because people are fed up with that.” The lesson is that an inclusive government is better than ISIS



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