515 Loupe 3-15-2021

March 13 2021 May15thProphecy 4 LastDayWatchers you already  know the world is being primed with lies and deceit with fear 


By which the ShadowBanMan thrive with censorship of THE TRUTH of those who speak THE TRUTH therefore at Twitter they thrive


Pastor Melisa Scott pinned a tweet of a message she gave at the start of the coronavirus pandemic last year (notice the date March 16th 2020) and here is the message below

Twitter showing they will censor anyone who speak the truth and don’t buy into THE FEAR so now this 


See more at The ShadowBanMan

515 Loupe 2-15-2021

M15P4LDW President Trump interview with Greg Kelly last week revels 




As you watch and observe the censorship that Twitter and the other’s are doing


Are real time examples of how THE DEVIL uses unfaithful men in high places to work his will


Just as the MAY 15TH PROPHECY said would occur with 100% ACCURACY (also see The Shadow Ban Man) and just as GOD’S WORD was 100% about that


So shall what is written concerning what lays ahead be 100%  (see The Trump Administration in Prophecy)